Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beyond Montana ~ Sharkfinning (PLEASE watch and share these clips)

These are the links from blimp:

Dan Rather documentary clip: Sharkfinning part 1

Dan Rather documentary clip: Sharkfinning part 2

Dan Rather documentary clip: Sharkfinning part 3

There are various clips on Youtube as well.  While I feel that in some instances "shock-footage" can inspire distortion of issues and acceptance of sound bites as fact (in place of data or at least comprehensive evaluation of credible information), I also feel that there are some things you just can't grasp without seeing.  I don't know where the film makers get their numbers, so there's a risk of my having accepted less than credible sound bites so far, but the images of the fins are pretty compelling.

Penninsula Hotels stopped serving shark fin soup

Alternative Shark Finning Bill (Guam fishermen backing prohibition on finning but also trying to preserve traditions)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fish in the sea...better sustainability through 'universal' catch limits?

From the Washington Post article:

"Mark Spalding, president of the Ocean Foundation, said that people on both sides of the debate need to acknowledge that the United States is facing the sort of transformational moment in fishing that it did a half-century ago in forestry. Until the mid-1960s, the government allowed loggers unfettered access to public lands, he said."

Washington post article: 2012 Catch limits for all species

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ideas to make life easier...from an email message (good tips)

So far I've tried the popcorn and the egg carton.  I saw the egg carton on a shopping channel while flipping channels the other day and already have a bunch of ornaments stored that way that I didn't previously have a solution for.  The popcorn I just had to try when I saw the email, so I grabbed a couple of small handfuls for 2 minutes and it turned out perfect.

Hull strawberries easily using a straw.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cooke City, an avalanche, and an amanzing little survivor-dog

Missing dog found four days after Montana avalanche

Cooke City is such a beautiful place, with some amazing people and big hearts, but a sad place, too.

Two years ago campers were killed in a nearby campground by a grizzly bear that had previously recieved a food reward.

When I lived there, a long time resident, a restaurant cook and 'town protector' of sorts, told me where he wanted his ashes spread before my friend Jenny and I went back to school.  And shortly thereafter he died.