Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bowman Lake, Glacier National Park (last campground night of the season)

We couldn't camp Friday night because I didn't make it back from Hawaii until the latest flight (see Turtle Medicine blog posts for pictures from that trip.....lots of sea turtles).  So we headed up after Christopher's football practice Saturday. 

We were using my backpacking gear for car camping for way too many years, so we used to be able to fit ourselves and our stuff in our car to camp.  But with four of us plus dog plus a reasonable amount of car camping gear (plus a moderate amount of my just-in-case stuff like photo gear and binoculars and such) we really can't fit all of what we need.  So this trip we were light on firewood.  And time.

The ranger came around to let us know there was a red fox without a lot of fear coming around to campsites.  She told us to haze it a little if we were comfortable (she didn't use those words, but that was the general point) and to watch out because it has been taking shoes.  It didn't come to our site until after everyone but me went to bed.  It came right up to me, but I tend to not use my headlamp, so I don't know that he was aware at first that I was so close.  I could hear him but not see him, so I spotlighted him with my headlamp.  He was startled but didn't really car until I chased him.  Even then I had to throw a couple of small rocks to really get him to want to leave.  Other campsites chased him off, too, which was good to see.

I love a lot of sites outside of Glacier on the Forest Service side (Flathead National Forest) but I like the feel of Bowman a lot.  Not a single group, even with a close to full campground, thought they should share their music with the other campers and not a single group buzzed around on anything motorized.  It was really, really great.

It was our only camping trip this summer, but at least we got one night in.  I like driving in on the little Bowman Lake road in summer, having so many winter time cross country skiing memories along that road (from an annual ski trip I used to with other moms from around the valley).

I haven't downloaded the good camera yet.  There are a couple of vidoes below, after the photos.

Our morning fire.

A peak at the lake....better pictures on my fancy camera but I haven't downladed them yet.

Packing up the car, shedding layers as the sun came up.

Polebridge Merc, Greg's first time.  I don't know how that's possible.

Polebridge Merc outhouse and view.

Behind the Merc

Apgar on the way home.


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