Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Writing On Hub Pages ~ Travel Tips and Mishaps

Travel hubs covering trips and standby adventures I've blogged about previously.  There were so very many photos to go through to build these, and it was interesting to compare my memory to past writings, as well as current writing (during/post treatment) to past writing (pre-Lyme-treatment).

Travel tips hub: 

These tips primarily stem from arriving in Oahu after 6 days stuck at LAX and being too sick to rent a car, as planned.  On that and other trips  the kids and I were either able or had to get around sans vehicle.

Beaches of WaikikiPlanning Tips for Navigating Waikiki With Adaptions for Kids, Time, or Health

Travel mishaps hubs: 

Beginning with our 6 days stuck at LAX up to and including our week in Oahu and a very unexpected second trip later that summer.  Items destroyed or lost included a phone, laptop, and expensive sunglasses.

The best place in Waikiki to soak a cell phone.
Travel Mishaps Part 2: Salt Water,Cell Phones, and Seat Turtles  

Less mishaps, more sea turtle serendipity.
Travel Mishaps Part 3: Less Mishaps, More (Sea Turtle) Serendipity

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Few Hup Pages Articles So Far ~ Rocky Mountain Mom

I've done a little bit of freelance writing.  I enjoy it, and it is nice to be paid for my words, but I got a little carried away and need to take a step back.

While applying for a few platforms (freelancing is not lucrative without considerable leg work, and although I was hired and paid for multiple small gigs, the money so far was growing a tad, but was not much so far) I found Hub Pages and started writing there.  I like the features and support, and the community there is great.  There are numerous really good authors, published and non-published, some of whom have considerable advice about online writing that they are happy and willing to share.

The site really helped me stretch my brain and I enjoy a number of author's writing there.

Cute Chiroptera: Six Compelling Reasons to Love and Conserve Bats

Would You Like Some Empathy With That? How Hype-Busting Food Intolarences Helps and Hurts the Chronically Ill  

Ecology's Burden: Maintaining Wonder in a Conservation Profession