Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Saved a blue belly (?) at a wedding

This was late  Saturday night, after Cheryl and Miguel's wedding, but I didn't keep my internet connection long enough to post....

This afternoon, at a wedding reception, my table-mate was down on the floor in her heals and dress trying to keep a little lizard under her party favor box.  But he kept sticking his head out the sides.  I couldn't keep his head under, either, so it was much easier to grab him.  It was really cool that so many guests wanted his picture....that's what kind of a crowd it was.  He's very little and I don't know what he is (these pictures were taken  by Katie with our friend Judy's fancy camera...Katie took amazing pictures all night).  I saw a bigger one outside after pictures, but decided it would not be appropriate to dive into the bushes in my bridesmaid dress to catch him.  I seem to have slid through butter catching the little one, but luckily that was also after pictures.


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