Sunday, March 18, 2012

Montana/Northern Rockies Wildlife pages to "like" on facebook

Facebook is a great tool for generating awareness and support for non-profit organization and for wildlife issues, in addition to fostering more general support and 'good will'.  Consider taking a minute to add a 'like' to these pages and sharing them around.
 Montana Loon Society

"Montana has the largest population of common loons in the northwest continental U.S. with only about 200 birds. The Montana Loon Society has worked hard to conserve these beautiful birds for over 20 years." 
    ~ Help generate activity for this page to support the Montana Loon Society....they work closely with biologists and DIRECTLY HELP FUND conservation on the ground....this support helps fund educational efforts, the Common Loon Working Group (an inter-agency group of biologists), and the Loon Ranger program (college interns, seasonal loon rangers, and citizen volunteers monitoring breeding and success).  These efforts have been responsible for continued population data crucial in assessing the success or failure of management strategies, conservation efforts, and impacts of long standing and new threats to breeding loons.  You can support them by visiting their site and learning about loons, buying a specialized license plate, making donations, or buying merchandise.

 Like Animals (Community page) 


Welcome to our "Like Animals" community page! We created this page for anyone that likes animals to share their photos, video, news, updates, and stories with other people that like animals... both wildlife and domestic animals!
If you like animals, then you will enjoy our "Like Animals" page and being a part of our "Like Animals" community! Feel free to post your photos, video, news, and stories about all kinds of animals... both wild and domestic! If you have friends and family that also like animals, be sure to share this page with them so they can join our "Like Animals" community too!"

Automated Bear Trap

The Automated Bear Trap (ABT) is a remarkable step forward in technology and bear safety. It allows wildlife management personnel to make real time active decisions to reduce bear captivity time and increase bear/human saftey.

Features: Remote Wireless Door Control -On site or via the Web Preset Safety alerts with email/text capabilities Password Protected – Strict Administrative Access Solar Powered Satellite Uplink Easy to use on-line interface Camera inside the trap Exterior Cameras and Monitoring Stills and/or streaming video IR and Visible light inside the ABT Temperature monitoring inside and outside the trap Reduce captivity time for Non-Target Bears

~ This patented system is used with great success in Montana and elsewhere

The Wolverine Foundation 

"The Wolverine Foundation was formed in 1996 to promote scientific and public interest in one of most fascinating and least understood creatures on Earth "

Montana Wildlife Federation works everyday to ensure that Montana's wildlife and wildlife habitat remain open to the public, and to ensure that wildlife are managed in a scientific, and responsible manner.
Montana Wildlife Federation is an organization of conservation minded people who share a mission to protect and enhance Montana's public wildlife, lands, waters, and fair chase hunting and fishing heritage.
Company Overview
Founded in 1936 by conservationists, landowners, hunters and anglers, the Montana Wildlife Federation (MWF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of our natural resources and the public's ability to enjoy these resources, fish and wildlife sustainability, and public hunting and fishing opportunities. We are not affiliated with any state agency, but rather we are a membership contribution organization composed of everyday citizens and our work is dedicated to the interests of everyday citizens. We are united in a common appreciation for wildlife and for all that wildlife contributes to our lives and culture."


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