Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Christopherisms: "Don't do it Mr. Bean, Don't do it!"

I know I can't remember all of today's funnies from Christopher (age six) and I wasn't even with him all day.

But here are a few.

In our canoe on a lake today (the kids were helping me with something loon related for work), heading back to a landmark we were headed to, my daughter asked where it was because we couldn't see it yet.  Christopher says, "don't worry, we can google it"

Throughout the canoe ride (3 hours in the rain), he was in charge of the bug spray, and kept offering it around by asking, "anybody want a peanut?"

Then, as we approached shore, he says:

"Now everyone stop rhyming. Anybody want a peanut?"  (For anyone who hasn't seen princess bride, follow this link to see why this was funny.)

Then tonight, eating home made pizza (courtesy of Greg who wasn't with us on the lake and beat us home and started cooking), watching Mr. Bean, he says, "Is this a reality show, or.....?"

Followed later by "Don't do it Mr. Bean, don't do it!" and something funnier I can't remember


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