Friday, July 27, 2012

Heather vs. Cougar (Mom vs. Mt. Lion)

This is Heather and her kids in a photo in the Missoulian with a well written article about her encounter.

Below is a link to Heather on the news.

The other news link is here, but without video.

She was on the phone with me a few times during all of this and it was incredibly chilling (being three or four hours away) not be able to reach through the phone and help.  I called my friend Chris Hammond, a state biologist, to find out who the right people were for the Missoula area, and he started making calls and I texted him info and updates.

The campers in a neighboring site called 911, so I was interested to know later how the 911 response differed from the Fish Wildlife and Parks response through Chris's phone calls.  But there's nothing to compare because there was no response from 911 aside from a follow up call (hopefully they'll know to call the proper FWP personnel in the future).  I find that pretty freightening, given the situation that occured and then continued and progressed.

But Chris called Jay Kolbe who pulled over on his way home from work and awaited more info.  Then he or Chris called Bob Weisner who brought his hound and a trap and met Jay at the campground.  They handled the situation, but they also helped Heather feel safe, and for that I am so grateful.

From the end of the article in the second link:

"General tips for an encounter with a lion call for not running from or approaching the lion. Give the lion room to leave the area, and immediately pick up small children. Face the lion, talk in a calm voice, enlarge your image as much as possible and remain standing. If a lion attacks, fight back."

Photo by Hether's cousin, Jay Garza


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