Saturday, September 8, 2012

My boots!

I'm ridiculously excited about this ebay purchase.  I've been looking for these shoes for years.  I bought my first pair of these sometime around 1997 and with one re-sole they lasted until the toes got heat damaged about ten years later.  I've not really found a suitable replacement yet.  My current boots make my toes numb when I'm not walking, and just Thursday, as I was gearing up at work at a trailhead, I was lamenting my inability to find another pair of these.

My friend Christine in college also bought a pair.  I greased mine to waterproof them.  She wisely did not.  They were already waterproof, and treating mine ruined the awesome nubuk-ish finish they came with.  Still, they were my hiking and work boots (whenever I didn't need my whites) for over ten years.

Now I need to finally start listing stuff on ebay so I can pay for them.  They were a good deal, so maybe if I can sell three or four things I can cover it?  My feet have changed a lot since 1997, but this was worth the risk.

What I loved most about these boots was that they were stiff soled without being heavy and without being overly stiff at the ball of the foot.  I'm not proficient at describing gear, and maybe there are terms for what I'm trying to describe, but I proficient enough with the gear I've used to know what doesn't work for me (and I rely on my gear enough for my livelihood for it to matter).  The internet's current plethora of gear opinions might have saved me many hard lessons in my twenties, especially where my feet are concerned.  Many a first-year wildland firefighter might have been saved a lot of pain and blood back then.


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