Monday, August 11, 2014

A Few Hup Pages Articles So Far ~ Rocky Mountain Mom

I've done a little bit of freelance writing.  I enjoy it, and it is nice to be paid for my words, but I got a little carried away and need to take a step back.

While applying for a few platforms (freelancing is not lucrative without considerable leg work, and although I was hired and paid for multiple small gigs, the money so far was growing a tad, but was not much so far) I found Hub Pages and started writing there.  I like the features and support, and the community there is great.  There are numerous really good authors, published and non-published, some of whom have considerable advice about online writing that they are happy and willing to share.

The site really helped me stretch my brain and I enjoy a number of author's writing there.

Cute Chiroptera: Six Compelling Reasons to Love and Conserve Bats

Would You Like Some Empathy With That? How Hype-Busting Food Intolarences Helps and Hurts the Chronically Ill  

Ecology's Burden: Maintaining Wonder in a Conservation Profession


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